February 13, 2009

Wooden BOP . . . wtf ^^

Ever wondered why you fabulous BoP broke into pieces on your +5 over enchant ? Well it's simple : because it's made out of wood ^^ . Which basicly means your BoP is way too appreciated ... you wasted your money pal ... all you bought was a lousy Wooden Bow (Forest bow) with a better look ^^

February 5, 2009

Inside the mind of a hardcore L2 player

red a.k.a DanTheWise, danutza and so on… wants to have his go on the L2 trilogy compared to World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and other top MMORPG’s on the market. It's an open window into the mind of a hardcore L2 player. Enjoy!

"This is written by someone who played a lot of MMORPGs out there , so believe me I know what I’m saying - Lineage 2 has the best group pvp experience ever , surpassing WoW , Guild Wars and many others .

Ladies and gent's, at the end of the day you must admit pvp in Lineage 2 is a matter of numbers, HUGE numbers. For I live the most intense feelings when I'm surrounded by hundreds of players who are fighting each other , when I see order in chaos, when I understand the insignificant meaning of the number 1 (one ^^) … L2 is not a game for the weak of heart. Those who seek an easy game pick World of Warcraft (WoW) where you can level-up to max lvl in a month, after which they will join "the online sensation" of desperation in looking for a group channel, or pvp-ing "to the max" with 20-100 people in a battleground.

I don’t want to talk about the waste of time on L2 private servers where chances are you will meet around 100 active players, seldom more. And since Lineage 2 is a matter of numbers....private servers just can't cope. And don’t even get me started on the abomination of private X5000 L2 servers -  they're no more lineage than pokemon – skills rarely work the way they should, and that’s the least of problems there.

In the in the end it's like this : Lineage 2 compares to real life, you are alone in a sea of people who will scam, steal, lie, cheat to get by … but sometimes you will find true persons in this chaos, few of many who can make your time worthwhile.

I'm proud to say I found some special people out there, a bunch of few that stood against many and alongside which I won and lost countless battles. Unfortunately, I had to lose 11 months on World Of Warcraft  before I realized what I had (back in L2) and what I lost .

Finally, for those of you who like to say "you got no life", I simply reply like this - Lineage 2 is like a hobby to me, I don't neglect anything for it, but when I play I really put passion into it. Oh, and it’s far better than wasting time with no final, grand satisfaction in.

September 19, 2008

L2 kiki's cat

Mrrraaaaaaauuuuuu ^^ . I bet you never thought this is possible - but it is ! This kind of merchandise is really in the shops. Maybe a bit hard to find in Europe or America, but something common in the far east.

L2 Passion (Everlast) short review

A short review of a private server that really deserves appreciation - L2 Passion. It is the result of a merge between L2 Everlast and RedDragon. I came upon it from the L2 everlast DB, and suprisingly it is a job well done. The build of the server might sound a bit weird to you - it's a L2M. Not a L2J, not a L2 off. Something in between that works just great for a private server.

What I really loved about L2 Passion - it has a mature community. Yeah... you'll find pretty much anything you need in the market. Just like on official servers. This is not so impressive at first glance, you will say, because there are a lot of private servs out there that have very large communities and a lot of items on the market. But L2 Passion has roughly 4-500 players online at any time, so you get a clean game and don't get caught up in the endless farming for an A grade set (which is really hard if there's nobody selling at least some parts on the market).

In short, a medium, mature community that has a lot to offer to new players. Unlike most private servers, this one helps it's new fans through an interesting system. You can collect special items (coins for ex) that are very easy to acquire in the lower levels (below 40). And ofc you can sell them on the market for lots of cash just when you hit 40 (the high lvl players really need these items and will pay you tons of cash ^^). You get full C grade and extra adena - so no more boring grinding.

The staff looks pretty involved in their activity - you'll see some events, usually in the evenings. Events are pretty simple, just running around looking for hidden items, etc.

Frankly, L2 Passion really left me a good overall impression, unlike too many private servers out there. Feel free to check out L2 Passion here.

Some "minor" details you should consider if you plan on playing it a long time. The server didn't have a wipe in a few years. The database survived some updates and the merging with another server, so the devs are pretty good ^^. They do accept donations, but I don't mind donors. L2 divine / L2 walker are not accepted, but they do work if you try a bit - altough I wouldn't use them here. Trust me, it's a fun server ^^. Oh, and the main language is apparently polish. They tried to force english into use but it didn't work too much. Just learn this : kupie = buy and spredzam = sell . Bbye ^^.

August 29, 2008

Sexy L2 female Dark Elf

Heyaa... here's a wacky idea - how about you take a female dark elf out for a photo shoot ? I mean.. she's got a lot to show. She's a very fine example of a female. You get to feast your eyes on everything that's nice in this world...tall, nice ass, huge boobs ^^. Credits to red. Enjoy !

August 27, 2008

Bye for L2 Divine

Summer's almost over, so is my time off the game. L2 is gonna be frying my PC from now on ^^.

The bad news, which you surely know by now - L2 divine is pay to use. It is cheaper than the other bots, but still, it brings all the inconvenients of a buyable bot. For starters, people that generally use bots don't have full access to online payment tools. So if you can't pay, what good are the money you have in RL. I generally hate the fact that you have to pay a 30 day period for bots. You can't be next to your PC at least 20 days, let alone 30. So it's just throwing money out the window. But paying a 30 day period for EVERY account is what really pisses me off. For now this is how things work, so there's nothing we can change. You have the see the full part of the glass.

And to the tasty part... I've looked through the coding around L2 Divine. There is no way this bot is going to be craked too soon. L2 walker is easier to crack than this. And remember that L2 divine has a few "minor" (read as major) bugs in it ^^. No point in cracking a lousy bot.

For now I'm still high on L2 walker. I really am sorry that there is no free, trustable bot out there, but we'll just have to move along and see what happens next ^^.

June 23, 2008

L2 goodies

Feast your eyes on these exclusive L2 lighters ! You can call them L2 goodies for smokers or just hardcore L2 players. Or both ^^ . Part of a limited edition collection, these are hard to get items. Maybe even harder than a dinasty set :D.

First up, the casual L2 lighter. Nice shield embedded. Does it ring a familiar bell ?
Next, a silver like lighter for a little bit more stealth. You don't wanna look like a freak when you show your lighter around, do you ? ^^
And finally, the gold piece. Of course a gold like L2 lighter. Careful not to chip its' edges.
Try Ebay for a lost lighter around the market. Chances are, though, you'll be in for quite a search before you find one of these rare L2 goodies.