September 19, 2008

L2 Passion (Everlast) short review

A short review of a private server that really deserves appreciation - L2 Passion. It is the result of a merge between L2 Everlast and RedDragon. I came upon it from the L2 everlast DB, and suprisingly it is a job well done. The build of the server might sound a bit weird to you - it's a L2M. Not a L2J, not a L2 off. Something in between that works just great for a private server.

What I really loved about L2 Passion - it has a mature community. Yeah... you'll find pretty much anything you need in the market. Just like on official servers. This is not so impressive at first glance, you will say, because there are a lot of private servs out there that have very large communities and a lot of items on the market. But L2 Passion has roughly 4-500 players online at any time, so you get a clean game and don't get caught up in the endless farming for an A grade set (which is really hard if there's nobody selling at least some parts on the market).

In short, a medium, mature community that has a lot to offer to new players. Unlike most private servers, this one helps it's new fans through an interesting system. You can collect special items (coins for ex) that are very easy to acquire in the lower levels (below 40). And ofc you can sell them on the market for lots of cash just when you hit 40 (the high lvl players really need these items and will pay you tons of cash ^^). You get full C grade and extra adena - so no more boring grinding.

The staff looks pretty involved in their activity - you'll see some events, usually in the evenings. Events are pretty simple, just running around looking for hidden items, etc.

Frankly, L2 Passion really left me a good overall impression, unlike too many private servers out there. Feel free to check out L2 Passion here.

Some "minor" details you should consider if you plan on playing it a long time. The server didn't have a wipe in a few years. The database survived some updates and the merging with another server, so the devs are pretty good ^^. They do accept donations, but I don't mind donors. L2 divine / L2 walker are not accepted, but they do work if you try a bit - altough I wouldn't use them here. Trust me, it's a fun server ^^. Oh, and the main language is apparently polish. They tried to force english into use but it didn't work too much. Just learn this : kupie = buy and spredzam = sell . Bbye ^^.

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Cosmin said...

I played on this server but now the website isnt working.. any chance is still running?